Agencies work together for Single Mom

Debbie is a single parent with 3 “tweenagers” in the house.  She draws a small amount of disability and also a small amount from Families First.  Her rent is reasonable, but still requires close to 50% of her income.  When she arrived at Good Neighbors she had a utility bill over $300 for last month and the newest bill for $140 more.  She was worried about utility disconnection and eviction.  There are major medical issues to consider as well.  During the interview, the coach recommended that she contact Community Action about the utility bill.  Once that connection was made and the determination was made that Debbie met the guidelines, the utility bill was paid and Debbie actually had a very small credit toward her next bill.  Many other resources were shared and Debbie was most appreciative.  Best news!

Grace Abounds

Penny lives in subsidized housing and was unable to pay the full rental amount.  This month has been rough because her car has required several repairs.  She has cancer and is facing more medical tests, but the prognosis is not good. She has a great attitude and knows that her time is somewhat limited.  She also has full custody of her granddaughter who will soon be a teenager.  Arrangements have already been made for transitional custody when she is no longer able to take care of her.  Penny was grateful for information on food pantries, Welcome Table and the Family Resource Center.  Information was shared about Hope for Today and the support they offer.  Penny was able to cover all the rent except for the last $100.  GN paid the balance.  Penny is looking forward and making plans.  She is a blessing.

Churches pitch in on bill

Sally came to Good Neighbors for help with a utility bill.  She had an unusually high utility bill because her pipes had burst.  Her landlord did repair them and insulated them.  She is very frugal- though she uses electric heaters, she turns them very low at night.  When she arrived she had already paid most of her bill.  With the help of two area churches, we were able to get the rest paid.

HiSET Hopes

Helen and her boyfriend bought a trailer but the utility bill was very high during the cold months this winter and they needed a little help.  Helen works for a fast food company and is working toward getting her HiSET. She has recently been promoted at work and she and her boyfriend are doing all they can to better themselves.  Resources were shared and Good Neighbors was able to help with the last part of their utility bill. Things are getting brighter for them.

Stable Housing

It was a big month for the SURE program. Good Neighbors was able to partner with Family Promise and Peninsula while assisting two different families with utility deposits. Both families had children and had been homeless. One family completed the Family Promise program and needed a little extra help with a utility deposit after finding a new place to live and the other family’s case worker had found a way to pay deposits for rental but this family needed assistance with the utility deposit. Good Neighbors was able to assist with both utility deposits and both families are now on their way to a stable environment for their children. Armed with multiple resources and new hope they are ready to face a new day!

Getting Caught Up

Trina came to Good Neighbors seeking assistance with the utility bill. She has been living on her own for several years and has done well. She has a good job that she really enjoys and feels appreciated by the management. She has some college credits and wants to continue with her education. She served in the military for nine months and was discharged due to a medical condition. All was well until she met her now previous boyfriend and allowed him to move in with her. After several months she discovered that he was stealing from her to fund his drug habit. When confronted he revealed he had not only stolen more than money, household items were also missing. She made him leave and has now found that bills were not paid that she assumed were paid and she is trying to catch up. Good Neighbors was able to help her with a portion of her utility bill. She is working a lot of overtime to catch up and her landlord is very understanding. Trina was able to pay the rest of the utility bill and plans to be all caught up by the end of March. She appreciated the extra resources she was given.