From Homeless to Hopeful

Greg and Mellissa have no car and walk everywhere.  Greg was working in a neighboring county and was able to catch a ride with another employee.  They have two children in the county school system.  Life was tough but “doable” until Greg lost his job when the owner became ill and had to close the business.  The family was forced to move and had to consider a location that transportation would be good for the children and within reach of a new job. When they came to GN, they were homeless and had spent a night or two in the car.  Being resourceful, they had located a trailer to rent and were able to cover the rental deposit but had no funds left for utilities.  Through the SURE grant, GN was able to pay the utility deposit and the family was able to have a safe place to sleep and live.  Many other resources were shared with this family.  It’s always a blessing to know a family is not left stranded on the streets.