One Big Family

Just over a year ago Grace came to Good Neighbors seeking some assistance and information after she and her husband of 30 years accepted at least temporary custody of 3 teenage nephews.  What an experience as they discovered just how much young men eat and how much water they use!  At that time she had a utility bill that she was unable to pay completely. GN assisted with the bill and life was good.  Then a few months ago her husband had an unexpected health crisis and she is grateful he was able to pull through.  They have now adopted the nephews and can’t imagine life any other way, but the medical bills are piling up.  Her husband is now permanently disabled and unable to provide as he once did.  If it were not for food stamps and free meals at school the budget would be even more difficult.  Good Neighbors referred Grace to the Family Resource Center and assisted with an overdue water bill.  Referral was also made to Community Action Agency for LIHEAP.  Grace was extremely appreciative of the assistance and vows to “get those boys through school”.