Good news for All!

Sarah is a single parent with three children.  One of her children is autistic and is enrolled in public school.  One of the two pre-school children has heart issues and has to be constantly monitored making it extremely difficult for Sarah to keep employment. Struggling with her own health issues, her parents have helped as much as they can.  Since she had last been to GN almost 2 years ago, she has earned her GED.  She was eager to receive information on temporary employment agencies and is thinking she would like to take classes to become a CNA.  At the time of this appointment, Sarah was facing a utility cut-off.  GN was able to assist with the bill and cut-off was avoided.


Bette and her husband were unprepared financially for the current situation.  They have been always been able to make their budget work.  However, over the course of the last month her husband (a self-employed plumber) suffered two heart attacks and will be unable to return to work.  They are doing everything they can to keep up with the medical bills and file for disability so they can work through the situation at hand.  While Bette will soon be old enough for Social Security, her husband is several years younger.  Adding to the frustration is a lack of transportation.  GN was able to cover most of the utility bill and share other resources to assist in this time of transition.


Daniel has a good job, but is paid hourly.  Over the last few weeks his hours have been cut affecting his pay.  Behind on his rent he was fearful that he would be evicted.  When the coach spoke with the landlord it was clear that he had been a good tenant and she was willing to work with him.  He walks to work and is checking into another job that is close enough to walk to as well.  He makes use of a food pantry close by, but was glad to receive information about other resources.  Through the GRACE fund GN was able to pay one month’s rent giving him the opportunity to change his work situation.


Woohoo!  Time to celebrate!  Good Neighbors referred one of our neighbors to the “Wheels to Work” program in October.  December brought joyful news!  This young mom has “wheels”!  She has a good job and has been solely dependent on her mother for transportation.  Now she is able to manage getting to work easily!  Congratulations! 

Life changes……

More than 5 years have passed since George had visited Good Neighbors for assistance.  As a single parent with custody of three step-children he is a very involved parent.  Life had been going well until he found himself in need of a new job which also caused him to be behind on his utility bill. When he came in asking for assistance with a utility bill he was actively seeking a new job and hoping to find one soon.  Three months later he has a new job, had used several of the resources shared by the coach and was very appreciative of the assistance he received. He had made contact with the Family Resource Center for extra resources with the children and was feeling confident that life was going well.

Single parenting is tough.  Having the privilege of living in subsidized housing helps the budget.  Linda has a full time job and usually is able to cover all her bills, but a recent illness put her behind.  This month she was struggling to cover all of the rent.  With help from Good Neighbors and the Family Resource Center Linda was able to get the rest of the rent covered.  She was grateful for the additional resources as well.

With 2 pre-school children Alice has been limited on the hours she can work but she does have a good job.  She has two very positive things going for her.  First, she was able through the SURE grant to move into a new place with more affordable rent and very near her closest family member who has agreed to help with the children while she works.  Secondly, she is now in the Habitat program and when completed (this could take some time) may be able to secure a house of her own!  This was great news discovered during the three month follow up call.  She is current on rent and utilities and moving forward.