Changing Hopelessness and Darkness into a Glimmer of Light

Maybe the best way to share our story is by sharing this google review from May…

“So incredibly awesomely grateful thankful and blessed by this place ms. Peggy Campbell was amazing so kind caring compassionate empathetic sympathetic emotionally mentally physically and spiritually as was Denise and so very helpful meeting and anticipating other needs mentioned and unmentioned as at the time of our meeting I was so very hungry and she gave me the name of a food bank that was open as we were speaking my father took me where I was blessed with fresh produce water meat and a sandwich which I ate in the parking lot ,ms. Peggy and good neighbors changed my hopelessness and darkness into a glimmer of light with hope and although I've always been the one helping encouraging others being a veteran and nurse for 36 years now being on the otherside having to ask for help is quite difficult but ms. peggy would have nothing of that I never felt less than or humiliated for this I'm forevermore grateful thankful and truly blessed again I thank you good neighbors and I thank you for having such a high quality caring staff”

Persistence and determination paid off for Grace. Her fiancé of many years passed away unexpectedly and left her without a home or a second source of income. Grace draws a small amount of disability due to some chronic health issues. A kind friend offered to rent an apartment to her at an affordable rate and gave her a month or two to pay the deposit. Once that was accomplished she needed to place the utilities in her name. She came to Good Neighbors asking for assistance with the utility deposit. After checking with the utility company, Good Neighbors issued the check from the SURE program for the deposit. Once Grace arrived at the utility company they determined that her lease was not acceptable. Grace has no transportation and could not secure a ride back there quickly. After about 10 days the utility company returned the check to Good Neighbors. Finally, Grace was able to return to the utility company only to find that her legal identification had expired during that time. More transportation and funding issues caused yet another delay. Grace stuck with it. She finally secured a new identification card and all requirements were met. She returned to GN and the utility deposit was covered once again. GN is very proud of this neighbor for working through this hardship at a very difficult time.

Sam has severe back issues and has endured three surgeries so far and another is being scheduled. Both he and his wife work but mostly live paycheck to paycheck. There are two teenagers in the household as well. Sam works as a caregiver but is only able to work with patients who do not require lifting. This restriction has impacted his income they are unable to cover the entire May utility bill. He had already paid a large portion and GN was able work with a church to cover the rest. Hopefully he will soon recover from his health issues and be back to a regular work schedule. Sam and his family will take advantage of the local food pantries and opportunities for meals over the summer.