A Single Dad and a Growing Family Get Assistance; Budgeting Coach Connecting with Families

When Charles came to Good Neighbors he was very depressed. He was in the midst of a painful divorce and had thankfully been granted custody of his young teenage daughter. First there was the breakup, then moving, then lost time from work and finally settling in to a new normal. He is very connected to his church and meets regularly with the pastor for support and compassion. Charles has been working in the same job for over 9 years and recognizes what a blessing the job is. Still life has been hard. GN assisted with a small natural gas bill and shared other resources that might help. When the follow up call reached Charles a few months later, he was doing much better. He assured the caller the visit and resources had been helpful and that life was turning around. He wanted us to know he is more than grateful for our help and the chance to talk to someone who would listen.

Esther and Frank brought delightful one month old twins to the office when they came to meet with a coach. Two older children complete their family. Excited to finally be moving into a new apartment they discovered just how expensive that can be. They need the extra bedroom and have been on a waiting list for some time. Through SURE funds, Good Neighbors was able to cover a portion of the rental deposit and they had already paid the utility deposit. When GN contacted this family with a question, we discovered they had used their tax return to pay ahead on their rent! Awesome.

The budget coach is hard at work. Meeting with neighbors and meeting with participants in the Family Promise Wheels to Work program are exciting. GN is anxious to watch this program grow. Every neighbor who comes in to meet with the coach is also being introduced to budgeting through a short video with tips and ideas of ways to save money. They can then schedule a one to one meeting with the budget coach.