How it Works

Many times, neighbors are referred to our organization through partnering churches.  These churches realize that their office staff might not be able to take the time to work with individuals to fully address their needs, and they trust Good Neighbors with the task.  These churches often support the work of Good Neighbors with donations from their church budgets.

Whether referred from a church or from another source, the first step is for our neighbors to call the office to make an appointment.  Messages that are received from days the office is closed are promptly returned by our office volunteers.  Neighbors are given an appointment and directions to the office.  An office volunteer calls the neighbor to remind them of their appointment the last working day prior to their appointment.

Once they arrive, Neighbors are greeted by the staff and then are asked to fill out an intake form.  A trained coach meets individually with the neighbor to discuss their needs.  The coach and neighbor work together to create a plan for resolution of their unique situation.  This plan can include referring the neighbor to other support agencies, working with third parties (such as landlords and utility companies) on payment plans, and providing monetary assistance.

Once the neighbor meets their plan, they then call the office to report their progress.  At this point, the Good Neighbors office contacts the appropriate party to make a payment on behalf of the neighbor when applicable.  The office works directly with third parties and does not pay the neighbor directly.

Two to three months after the Good Neighbors office and the neighbor have completed a plan, a volunteer makes a follow-up call to check in and offer other non-financial resources if they are needed.  A neighbor may return 6 months after their first visit, and 12 months after subsequent visits with a maximum of 5 financial assists from the Good Neighbors office.